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Bring on the mystery, intrigue, & murder at your next mystery party with The Murder Mystery Co. in Billings. Our professionally trained actors are ready to take on any party, any size, any time!

How to Throw a Mystery Party with The Murder Mystery Co.

Everything you need to have a personalized, unique crime scene for your next event!

Give us the details

Give us the details.For your murder mystery party, we need some basic clues- When, where, and why? When are you having it, where do you want it to take place, and what is your motive for holding the event? That is all we need to get started preparing for your party!

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  • Midnight
  • 80's
  • Til Death
  • Best Laid
  • Sound Mind
  • Crime
  • Dance
  • Most Wonderful
  • Now You See It

Choose your theme.We need to get a little personal. Are you the sort that would enjoy film noir, or 1980’s hair metal? Would you like an awards banquet, or a 1950’s sock hop? No matter what your tastes tend towards, we have the perfect mystery party theme for you!

Choose your theme

Plan your party.Now that you’ve clued us in, it’s our turn to help! We have suggestions for you to use every step of the way! From decorations, to music choice, to costume tips and tricks, we can point you in the right direction. From this point out, it is going to be easy!

Just a few of our happy customers

Host a Private Murder Mystery Party in Billings

No matter what private event idea you are tossing around in your brain, we’ve got you covered. The Murder Mystery Company is the expert at turning your party into a night of sly sleuths, sneaky suspects, and a mystery begging to be solved! If you’ve got the party, we’ve got the entertainment! We provide professionally trained performers for your corporate event, team building day, fundraiser, charity event, or birthday, so you can sit back and enjoy the show with your guests while we do all the work! We have multiple thrilling themes to choose from that can be customized to your specific private event, so don't waste any time!

It’s not everyday someone gets offed in the office, but you never know what will happen next with The Murder Mystery Company in Billings on the scene! Team building days will never be the same once you bring our mystery experts into the mix. Try on one of our many themed mystery shows instead of awkward icebreakers and tedious team building exercises. Spend the day working in teams to figure out whodunit and uncovering a killer using critical thinking and teamwork. Who knows, it could be an office buddy, or even the boss! Team building doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a mystery, just sign up with The Murder Mystery Company!

We also have a wide selection of themed murder mystery shows that are perfect for corporate events, where you and your guests get to be the sleuths and suspects, and solve a crime together! Each show can be customized to your specific corporate event, all you have to do is chat with your personal on call Crime Scene Consultant, and smooth out all the details before the day of the show. We do all the work so you can relax and enjoy the event with your guests! Start planning your murder mystery corporate event in Billings with us today!

The Murder Mystery Company has the perfect solution to your charity event or fundraising frustrations. Our professionally trained performers will come to your chosen venue, and provide a killer show that is professional and fun, and never cheesy or boring. We do all the work at your charity event or fundraiser so you don’t have to stress. Sit back and relax with your charitable guests through a two hour interactive mystery show where everyone gets to solve a crime! Choose one of our scintillating themes, and start plotting the best fundraiser or charity event of the year with our on call Crime Scene Consultants, they’ll work out all the details with you up til the day of the show.

Why not try something new this time around, and throw a birthday party where your guests get to dress up as sleuths and suspects, and solve a crime! They’ll have so much fun figuring out whodunit, you can just sit back and relax while we do all the work, and you do all the play! We have several different themed shows to choose from that can be customized to your specific birthday party, and you get an on call Crime Scene Consultant to make sure everything is planned out before the day of the party. Our birthday shows are great for groups from reading age through adulthood, and we even have a murder free show for younger groups that includes a scavenger hunt!